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By Sue Perry on September 17, 2013 12:01:00 am

SSBLOG_FASHION.colorforecastI haven’t even started my fall shopping yet, and designers have already been trotting out their very best stuff for spring at New York Fashion Week. Of course, the high-end looks that swan down the runway now may be spun into all sorts of easier-on-the-pocketbook mass versions by next year.

But one thing that I’m going to keep in mind as I make wardrobe upgrades from now on is the pretty color palette forecasted for spring. You can check out the color swatches at pantone.com—and even vote for your favorite spring 2014 color on the site. 

What’s new and cool about the spring hues is that you’ll be seeing a mix of soft pastels and vivid brights—and designers love to combine the two. Here’s what to look for and how to wear it:

Pair any of these pastels….

Placid Blue Think of the color of a picture-perfect sky.

Violet Tulip A pretty purple that you see on many springtime blooms.

Hemlock Last spring it was all about minty green; this green is a little deeper and more sophisticated and it works really

… with any of these neutrals

Sand This warm, toasty color pairs especially well with hemlock, say the Panatone color pros.

Paloma This warm gray looks great on its own or paired with any of the colors above.

To punch things up, team any of the brights below with the neutrals above and/or the pastels.

Cayenne Use this high-pitched red to spice up neutrals.

Freesia is a warm and energetic yellow. Try it with Paloma gray.

Celosia orange is a bright that pairs really well with violet for summer fun.

 I like them all, But if you have a favorite, don’t forget to vote here!

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Sue Perry

Sue Perry

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