Falling in love with crumb cake

By Sara Reinhart Brown on September 13, 2013 12:01:00 am

SSBLOG162922336_FOOD_crumbcakeI had a fling this summer. With crumb cake. It was brief, but intense.

It all started with my husband. He drove me to it.  He asked me why I never made crumb cake, and I didn’t have an answer. And then I got to thinking, why don’t I? We were having company for brunch, and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

So, I found this recipe on Epicurious.com for a traditional NewYork-style crumb cake. The recipe is aptly called New York-Style Crumb Cake.

Now, I must inform you that this cake is NOT ideal for those who are trying to watch their cholesterol intake, or are on a diet, or are in any way health-conscious. There is nearly a whole pound of butter in this cake, and half of it is in the crumb topping alone. Not that it’s a bad thing.

But, oh. What texture. The cake itself was made with sour cream, and this produces a moist and tender crumb. (The copious amounts of butter probably didn’t hurt, either.) It wasn’t overly sweet, and there was a hint of cinnamon. Luckily I managed to give most of it away; otherwise I would have eaten every last … well, crumb.

You would hope that I learned my lesson, but I did not. I was so pleased with the results of the crumb cake that I wanted to try it again, this time with a different recipe. I found celebrity chef Ina Garten’s recipe for her blueberry crumb cake and I gave it a whirl.

Fortunately, this recipe used slightly less butter, but was no less delicious. It also contained sour cream, and was laced with blueberries. And had another fabulous crumb topping.

The problem, however, was that I simply could not stop eating it. It became the bane of my existence. I would come home from work and eat that damn cake every day till, finally, it was blessedly gone.

And then I finally got the itch to eat crumb cake out of my system. The end.

I hope.

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Sara Reinhart Brown

Sara Reinhart Brown

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