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By Robin Melen on January 4, 2013 12:01:00 am

Thinkstock113458507_SSBLOG_HEALTH_have@homeBaking soda is not just for baking! Health experts we talked to suggest using it for toothpaste when you run out of the regular stuff. Just put some in the palm of your hand, moisten it a little, and press the brush in, picking up the paste. Brush away!

We asked a bunch of experts what kinds of things they keep on hand in their own homes as must-have health items, and in our January issue, on newsstands now, we give you the list.

Aside from pure shea butter (pictured at right) for soothing rashes and dry skin (and even frizzy hair in a pinch!), our experts recommend keeping a bottle of distilled white vinegar on hand. It can take the itch out of bug bites, and, mixed with a few drops of rubbing alcohol, might ease swimmer’s ear. Plus it’s a great cleaner, when mixed with water, as we’ve been telling you forever.

Also on the list: Coconut oil! It makes a great body lotion when put on damp skin. As far as cooking with it goes … not so much. It’s really high in fat, so keep it on your skin and out of your belly!

And you’re probably seeing neti pots more these days. According to our expert, Cheryl Iglesia, M.D., an associate professor at Georgetown University School of Medicine, rinsing your nasal passages with a saline solution is great for dealing with allergies. Some research shows that nasal irrigation can help relieve some allergy symptoms. Just be sure to use a saline rinse, distilled water, or tap water that has been boiled and cooled to avoid a dangerous infection. (The pots made headlines in 2012 after being linked to a deadly, rare brain infection caused by contaminated tap water.) Also, it’s important to wash the pot with the same type of water and dry it between uses.

Check out the January issue (with our brand-new design!) and see what’s hanging around in your house!

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Robin Melen

Robin Melen

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