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By Jody Rohlena on January 7, 2013 06:00:00 pm

March-2013-manage-your-life-postPeople make fun of me for keeping up with my Fil-o-fax, but I like having a paper calendar to write my appointments in and also store snippets of paper like notes, insurance forms, and business cards. But if I want to make it to an appointment on time, my smart phone is the key. In addition to writing it in my book, I put a reminder in my iPhone calendar with an alert to ping me when it’s time to get going. This has changed my life!

Our resident technology pro, Donna Tapellini, came up with a roundup of cool apps that can help you get organized. Check them out—and don’t forget to use your calendar too!
  1. Alarmed wakes you up with songs on their iTunes playlist. Keep snoozing and the songs play louder. Works on Apple.
  2. Catch helps you keep track of stuff by allowing you to jot down prices, record notes, and take photos while you’re out shopping. Works on Android and Apple.
  3. Evernote allows you to create notebooks for things you want to do, buy or just remember. Notebooks can be filled with photos, websites, audio clips, and more. Tag notes in this app to make them easy to search or share with friends. Works on Android and Apple.
  4. 30/30 is a time management tool. Users list upcoming tasks, prioritize them, and assign the amount of time per task – the app’s timer notifies you when time is up for each task. Works on Apple.
  5. Unstuck helps you figure out what should get done first by taking you through a series of questions, asking what’s important, how the decision will affect you and others, how to prioritize each task, and more. It offers tips along the way and at the end provides a plan, plus alternatives. Works on Apple iPad.
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Jody Rohlena

Jody Rohlena

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