Storing the nutcrackers and other holiday items

By Sue Perry on December 28, 2012 12:01:00 am

TEST-for-RobinEvery year, my Christmas decorations suffer casualties—even when I think they’ve been carefully packed away. Faux greens get smooshed and flattened, nutcrackers have lost limbs and mustaches, and no matter how hard I try, those remaining rolls of wrapping paper look rumpled and tired when I try to revive them the following year. So this year, I’m on the hunt for special storage containers that can give these keepsakes a longer life.

And I’m sharing my research with you. Here are some of the best sites I’ve found for specialty holiday storage.

Improvements catalog

Why I like it Beyond the big selection of tree and wreath keepers, and ornament storage boxes, you’ll find great tips for wrapping and packing up delicate decorations. TIP Have plenty of bubble wrap on hand. I also like the sturdy-looking wrapping paper holders, $50; they hold a lot and a one-time investment of $50 could save me money in wrapping paper down the road.

Why I like it Besides the great prices (it had the cheapest prices for most every holiday organizer I’m shopping for), the selection is huge and specialized. For instance, if you’re looking for a sturdy container to hold that holiday village or nativity scene—they’ve got it ($60). If you’re sentimental, and like to hold on to your holiday cards, check out the card storage box, $9.

Why I like it It's a one-stop shop for all kinds of specialized storage solutions, and the holiday décor items do not disappoint. The suitcase-like 3-drawer ornament chest, $35, has handy straps for carrying and a built-in slot for labels. I also like the giant (25 gallons; $30) plastic boxes with lids. I keep all my boxed up ornaments in things like these because I have to store them in a basement that has had its share of watery leaks. My ornaments, thank goodness, weren’t touched.  They even have an organizer to keep those holiday tote bags ready to recycle next year, $28.

Why I like it I was especially impressed with the huge ornament organizer which holds 80 ornaments, has adjustable dividers to accommodate odd sized ones, and it’s fabric-lined to help cushion these delicate baubles, $57.

How do you store your holiday decorations?

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Sue Perry

Sue Perry

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