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By Sue Perry on December 14, 2012 12:01:00 am

Thinkstock86528357_FOOD_holidayfoodgiftsThere’s one gift that you can count on that won’t be returned and is always sure to please—it’s food! And if you’re stumped for prezzie ideas, there’s a big, wide world of  mail-order food gifts out there beyond the old reliables like Harry & David and I Gourmet.

We sampled our way through dozens of goodies to come up with the tasty list of mail-order sites you’ll find in our December issue. For a sneak peek read on for some of my personal faves:

Best for: The cooks on your list

What you’ll find: A vast selection of spices and seasonings with themes like “Salad Lovers”, and “some Like it Hot”.

Tasty buys: Check out the four-jar gift boxes that start at $15.95.

Best for: People who love to bake

What you’ll find: All manner of baking pans and supplies plus ingredients (flours, sugars, and more).

Tasty buys: The gift section is loaded with ideas, including the Popover Gift Set, $44.95 which includes popover mix, a whisk, and a baking pan. Or try one of the special holiday offerings, such as the Winter Warmer Gift Set, which is packed with gingerbread cookie and cake mix, hot chocolate, and peppermint crunch for $24.95.

Best for: Balling all snackers!

What you’ll find: This organic popcorn is a step up from ordinary holiday tins,  with surprising flavors such as ginger sesame caramel and chipotle caramel and almonds.

Tasty buys: The Foodie box set, $35 got raves from our staff tasters. Also check out the limited-edition holiday popcorn mix coated in dark chocolate and caramel; $29 for six 3.25-ounce bags.

 And before you buy any food gift, here are a few of shopping tips to keep in mind:

Stick with crowd pleasers. It’s hard to go wrong with snacks and sweets.

Avoid exotic flavors. Pungent cheeses and truffle oils might be delicacies, but their strong flavors may not appeal to everyone.

Consider a monthly club. Lots of people are inundated with food during the holidays. A subscription-based club that delivers a new sampling each month for three, six, and 12-monhts may be more appreciated.

Bon apétit!

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Sue Perry

Sue Perry

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