Shopping season starts out big, big, big!

By Robin Melen on November 30, 2012 12:01:00 am


Now that two of the biggest holiday shopping days are behind us, how did we do? Reports are generally that Black Friday was a hit, that Cyber Monday was huge, and even that Thanksgiving Day shopping did better than expected.

The National Retail Federation says that about 35 million people abandoned turkey dinners, football, and family time Thursday night and went shopping, up from 29 million last year. And on Black Friday three million more people hit the sales this year than last.

Online shopping was the big winner, which is no surprise to us. There are just so many great sites to see and bargains to be had that it’s hard to resist the urge to shop at home in pj’s and slippers. According to a survey done for the NRF by BIGInsight, a record 247 million shoppers visited stores and websites over Black Friday weekend, up from 226 million last year. Making sure to take advantage of retailers’ promotions to the full extent, the average holiday shopper spent $423 this weekend, up from $398 last year. Total spending reached an estimated $59.1 billion.

People didn’t wait for Cyber Monday, either, with a reported $1 billion spent online on Black Friday alone, according to new figures from market analyst ComScore.

NRF also asked shoppers which days they shopped online–more than one-quarter (27.0 percent) of holiday shoppers said they shopped online on Thanksgiving Day, and nearly half (47.5 percent) on Black Friday.

All this is great news for the economy, of course, as well as for bricks-and-mortar retailers and online merchants. This just might be the holiday season we need to get us moving again! Happy shopping!

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Robin Melen

Robin Melen

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