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By Jody Rohlena on November 23, 2012 12:01:00 am


In case you’re wondering, my Thanksgiving plans included enjoying time with my friends and family and then sleeping in today, Black Friday. But you can bet I’ll be shopping tomorrow, which is Small Business Saturday. Look for local merchants to offer sales and special promotions, and save yourself $25 by registering your American Express card here and using it to pay for your local purchases. It works for food and drink too, not just stuff; look for a list of participating businesses on the AmEx website.

In our recent ShopSmart poll about shopping locally, we asked women if they planned to patronize the businesses in their towns this holiday season. Thirty-nine percent said yes, while about the same amount said they weren’t sure. If you’re on the fence, this AmEx offer should make it a no brainer! For many items, it’s a myth that you’ll pay more at Mom and Pop retailers than at big national chains. And Mom or Pop may be willing to match a chain’s lower price if you ask nicely.

 Happy local shopping!

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Jody Rohlena

Jody Rohlena

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