A new twist on DIY: Making cheese

By Dana Belott on February 16, 2012 12:01:00 am

Thinkstock106560750_SS_FOOD_cheesemaking#2Looking for a fun, productive hobby that will munch away at your free time? Look no further! Try out cheese-making, an increasingly popular fad. Now I know what you’re thinking: that seems expensive and time-consuming. And I don’t blame you. Until my friend and I undertook our own cheese-making endeavor, I had felt the same way.

As avid cheese lovers, it was only a matter of time before we tried to make this delicious dairy product ourselves. We found a useful online syllabus from a cheese-making workshop and have been going through it for the past few weeks. It guides you through a sequence of simple cheeses, culminating with the more difficult blue cheese. The equipment outlined by this website is cheap and easy to find in either your kitchen or local supermarket.

Prep time for most of the cheeses is under an hour, and once they’re done, this syllabus even offers exciting ways to serve them. After my friend and I made labneh, a Middle Eastern cheese, we followed the website’s instructions and ate it on pita bread with olive oil, spearmint, and Greek olives. It was a delicious end to an extremely fun project!

Besides being enjoyable, there’s also something very gratifying about turning yogurt and milk into a tasty cheese, especially when it comes out right. One important thing my friend and I have learned is that you should put the cheese in the refrigerator overnight, even if you have already let it sit for recommended time. This will give the cheese a firmer texture.

If you don’t trust your own kitchen equipment, cheese-making kits will provide all the tools you need. Check out cheesemaking.com for a selection of kits, recipes, and other important items. So what are you waiting for? Get to it and I guarantee you’ll be smiling faster than you can say “cheese!”

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Dana Belott

Dana Belott

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Cristina Rodriguez

10:53:47 AM on Sun Feb 19 2012

Great blog! Sounds like a delicious hobby. Definitely looking into making some cheese soon!

Bobby Vega

09:08:12 AM on Mon Feb 20 2012

Great article, I can't wait to try cheese making! You make it sound so easy and fun, thank you for the tips!!!!

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