3 John Deere recalls, plus a Kubota and a blender

By Robin Melen on September 21, 2011 12:01:00 am

Recall-alert-new BLENDERS About 304,000 Chefmate 6-speed blenders sold at Target stores nationwide from September 2007 to February 2011 for about $14. While in operation, the plastic pitcher can separate from the blade assembly, leaving the blade assembly in the base and exposing the rotating blades. This poses a laceration hazard. Target and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission have received 11 reports of the blade assembly separating from the pitcher, seven of which reported serious lacerations to consumers’ fingers and hands.
IF YOU OWN ONE Return it to any Target store to receive a full refund. Call 800-440-0680 or go to www.target.com for more information.

RIDING MOWERS About 6,100 Kubota riding mowers sold at authorized Kubota dealers nationwide from April 2010 through April 2011 for between $3,600 and $11,500. The fuel hose clamp can detach from the fuel filter and allow gas to leak out, posing a fire hazard.
IF YOU OWN ONE Contact Kubota to schedule a free inspection and repair. Kubota is directly contacting consumers who purchased the riding mowers. Call 800-752-0290 or go to www.kubota.com for more information.

Three separate John Deere tractor recalls

ABOUT 36,500 John Deere X300, X300r and X304 series tractors with Kawasaki engines sold at John Deere dealers in the U.S. from September 2010 to August 2011 for between about $3,000 and $4,000. The cooling fan installed on top of the front mounted Kawasaki engine in the lawn tractor can break. If the cooling fan is not operational, the engine can overheat causing the surrounding plastic to melt, creating the risk of fire and serious injury.
There have been 163 reported failures, including 83 reports of engine melting or engine fires and one report of a minor burn injury following a fan failure fire.
IF YOU OWN ONE Stop using it and contact a John Deere dealer to make arrangements to have the engine cooling fan replaced. All registered owners of the recalled mowers will be directly notified by John Deere. 

ABOUT 15,500 John Deere lawn tractors sold at John Deere dealers, Lowe’s, and Home Depot stores nationwide from December 2010 through September 2011 for between $1,500 and $2,000. Hardware used to hold the mower blade brake assemblies on the mower decks can break. This can cause the mower blades to spin longer than normal after the operator turns off the power, posing a laceration hazard.
IF YOU OWN ONE Stop using it and contact the company for a free hardware inspection and repair.

ABOUT 5,200 D100 John Deere lawn tractors sold at John Deere dealers, Lowe’s, and Home Depot stores nationwide, except California, from October 2010 through September 2011 for about $1,500. Hardware used to hold the brake assembly to the transmission housing can break. This can cause the brakes to fail, posing an injury hazard due to loss of control.
IF YOU OWN ONE Stop using it and contact the company for a free hardware inspection and repair.

For more information about all of these John Deere recalls, call 800-537-8233 or go to www.johndeere.com.

For the latest information on all recalls, go to Recalls.gov. There you'll find recalls from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, and The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, among others.

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