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By Robin Melen on August 24, 2011 12:01:00 am

Recall-alert-new DESK CHAIRS About 34,000 Realspace PRO 3000 Series desk chairs sold at Office Depot retail stores nationwide and online from May 2009 through June 2011 for about $170. A consumer's finger can get caught in an opening in the chair's tilt mechanism, posing a pinch hazard to consumers. Office Depot has received one report of a consumer who was injured when his finger was pinched by the chair's tilt mechanism.
IF YOU OWN ONE Call 855-259-5093 or go to the website for information about getting a free repair kit with a cover for the tilt mechanism. Consumers should write down the P.O. number found on the underside of the chair for reference when contacting Office Depot.

CAST IRON CASSEROLES About 960,000 Martha Stewart Collection enamel cast iron casseroles sold at Macy's stores and AAFES, MCX, and NEX locations nationwide, and on between June 2007 and June 2011 for between about $25 and $170. The enamel coating on the cast iron casseroles can crack or break during use. This can cause the enamel to crack and fly off as a projectile, posing a risk of laceration or burn hazard to the user or bystanders. Macy's has received two reports of the enamel cracking and flying off of the casseroles during use. No injuries have been reported.
IF YOU OWN ONE Return it to any Macy's store for a full refund. Call 888-257-5949 or go to the website for more information.

CLIP-ON CHAIRS About 54,000 "metoo" clip-on tabletop chairs from phil&teds USA sold through Buy Buy Baby, Target, Toys R Us and their online sites;;; other online retailers; and a variety of independent juvenile specialty stores from May 2006 to May 2011 for between $40 and $50. Missing or worn clamp pads allow the chairs to detach from a variety of different table surfaces, posing a fall hazard. In addition, when the chair detaches, children's fingers can be caught between the bar and clamping mechanism, posing an amputation hazard. Also, user instructions for the chairs are inadequate, increasing the likelihood of consumer misuse.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission and phil&teds have received 19 reports of the chairs falling from different table surfaces, including five reports with injuries. Two reports of injuries involved children's fingers being severely pinched, lacerated, crushed or amputated. The three other reports of injury involved bruising after a chair detached suddenly and a child struck the table or floor. These were the subject of a product safety alert issued May 6, 2011, as well.
IF YOU OWN ONE Call 855-652-9019 or go to the website for information about receiving a free repair kit and revised user instructions. Consumers who previously received a repair kit with only rubber boots should also stop using the chair and contact the company for the new repair kit.

For the latest information on all recalls, go to There you'll find recalls from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, and The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, among others.

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Robin Melen

Robin Melen

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Cheryl Korn

03:21:12 PM on Wed Aug 24 2011

Recall on GUTS 10 hair product resulted in an immediate refund from company...Thank you!

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