Saving money on pet meds and food

By Nicole Sarrubbo on July 19, 2011 12:01:00 am

LolaEdit I might skip a manicure for myself, but I never hold back when it comes to my “furbaby,” Lola (that's her, at right). I recently needed to refill her heartworm medication and buy more flea and tick protection. Last year, my vet wanted a lot more money for the heartworm medication than the prices I found online and he wouldn’t price match.

This year, I called my vet’s office while I was researching prices and found out that he was offering a rebate. I searched and couldn’t find the rebate online (last year I found a $7 rebate in the weekend coupons). The vet’s $12 rebate for a one-year supply of Interceptor beat out most of the online prices I was finding at,, and I ended up saving a few dollars buying the heartworm meds from my vet, plus I didn’t have to go through the hassle of printing the prescription form out, bringing it in and asking the vet’s office to fax it in. 

My vet’s prices were too high, though, for the Frontline Plus flea and tick protection that I use, so I went to my go-to Amazon, which had it for about $130. It was $147.99 on, but when I went to close the “checkout” window, a pop-up window came on offering me an additional 20 percent discount (they already offer free shipping on orders over $35). I bought it from and ended up saving about $11 or so.

Another tip: To save money on your furry family member’s food, try calling the manufacturer. I called Iams, the maker of Lola’s food, to see if they were still honoring a buy-one-get-one-free coupon I had (they’re not—they’ve already received 15,000 submissions). The Iams customer service representative said she’d send me some Procter & Gamble coupons and she said I could call back every three months to ask for more.

More tips: Check to see if the store where you buy pet food has a price matching policy, keep an eye out for coupons, and sign up for frequent buyer programs. In our April 2011 story, “Where to buy pet food for less,” our professional shoppers found that Target and Walmart prices were better than grocery stores,, PetSmart, and Petco. Check out the video!

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Nicole Sarrubbo

Nicole Sarrubbo

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Kathryn Fenner

09:34:56 AM on Tue Jul 19 2011

My vet, who does not sell regular pet food, as well as many others, recommends pet foods that do not contain cereal. Dogs don't encounter cereal in the wild and are not evolved to utilize it well. Old Roy and other supermarket and premium foods contain cereal.

I know i don't handle eating cereal all that well, either.



09:26:44 AM on Mon Jul 25 2011

I have a diabetic dog. The insulin is only $25 a bottle at Walmart but everywhere else (Kinney, Target, Rite-Aid, etc) it is double—$50—for the exact same size bottle from same manufacturer.
Also FYI pet owners—please check ingredients on your dry, canned and treats for your dog. Most dog foods are loaded with sugar in some form! I know it is bad for my diabetic dog but who in the world thinks it is a good idea to have sugar in food for ANY dog????


04:54:51 PM on Thu Jul 28 2011

What kind of dog is Lola? She is so cute!


04:59:37 PM on Thu Jul 28 2011

As with any thing Wal-Mart sells. If you find it cheaper somewhere else Wal-mart will match it.

Robin Melen

05:07:07 PM on Thu Jul 28 2011

Hi Kansas Girl~
We think Lola is adorable too! She's a Yorkie, and she's 2 1/2 years old!


06:46:37 PM on Mon Nov 28 2011

i get my dog food at a feed store and it is cheaper than walmart a 50il pound bag last me 2 months and cost me about 18 dollars instead of walmart

John Chen

11:14:30 AM on Wed Feb 22 2012

We have been using exclusively since December! Our puppies absolutely love these guys. They seem to have the lowest prices on the brands we buy.

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