The best slimming swimsuits

By Jody Rohlena on June 13, 2011 06:01:00 pm

Siwmsuits I realize that I am just not 20 years old anymore. Bikinis are just notworking for me, so when I got the chance to work on the feature in our July issue about the best slimming swimsuits, I was psyched.We wanted to find the best swimsuits out there, the ones the claim to make you look slimmer and more fabulous on the beach. Because we all know how tough it can be to put yourself out there in a bathing suit, especially after the stay-inside-and-snack kind of winter we had.

The good news is there is a suit for you out there, no matter your body type. We had three brave women try on slimming suits from Land's End, Miraclesuit, Spanx, Shape FX, Tommy Bahama, TravelSmith, and Victoria's Secret. And guess what! The suits worked! Really! Of course, not every suit looked great on every body, because different body types look good in different styles. But we were able to find great suits for everyone.

Here's what we learned:

--The suits took as much as 2½ inches off (Victoria's Secret Magicsuits, Tommy Bahama, and the TravelSmith suits were the big slimmers).

--One-piece suits are the best bet for overall slimming.

--Slimming suits don't feel like a too-tight girdle. Good news!

--Size doesn't matter. When you try on suits, try one on a size larger than you normally wear, plus your regular size. Remember, it's not about the size, it's about how it LOOKS!

And by the way, did you know that almost half of women we surveyed said it's difficult to find a suit that fits properly? Wow! Check out this story on newsstands today! Sounds like we need it!

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Jody Rohlena

Jody Rohlena

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04:01:30 PM on Wed Jul 20 2011

Tried to order the Omo Norma Kamali red bathing suit on pg. 34 of july 11 issue.
Suit is listed for $98. I Am unable to find it on the web site listed or any other Kamali web sites.
Any suggestions???

Robin Melen

05:17:54 PM on Wed Jul 20 2011

Hi Theresa~
Try this link!$98-BILL.aspx?cid=90769&idx=2

Thanks for reading ShopSmart!
Robin Melen
managing editor

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