What do you do with that old bridesmaid dress?

By Sandra Temko on April 12, 2011 12:01:00 am

Bridesmaid-2 Spring is here, but is your closet clear of clutter? I've got an eyesore that may also be taking up space in your home—an old bridesmaid's dress (Sis, I hope you're not reading this).

I really can't think of another occasion when I can wear a strapless coral gown. But I felt bad about getting rid of it until I heard of these organizations that take your old dresses and give them to underprivileged girls who need an outfit to wear to the prom.

The website DonateMyDress.org has a national directory of places where you can donate your dress to girls in need. So instead of complaining about that dress collecting dust in your closet, give it away to someone and make their prom night super special!

I went poking around to see what other creative ideas are out there for old bridesmaids dresses/ Here's some of what I found, ranging from the serious to the hysterical.

From Planet Green comes a suggestion to make pillow covers out of the material! What a great idea! Sometimes the fabrics in these dresses is quite nice!

At Maid-of-Honor.net, they came up with the next logical step for a really hideous dress: turn it into a Halloween costume!

Chica and Jo offer a step-by-step plan for turning the dresses into tablecloths and chair covers.

And finally, the best suggestion of all, from Hillary, a blogger at Album Boutique: “Save them: this idea may sound a little extreme, but after seeing the movie 27 Dresses, there’s nothing more humorous than making a bridezilla wear her own bridesmaid dress in your wedding!”

I suspect Kate Middleton's bridesmaids won't have this problem after she marries Prince William, but maybe you did? Any other great suggestions?



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Sandra Temko

Sandra Temko

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