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By Robin Melen on February 23, 2011 12:01:00 am

Recall-alert-new BASSINETS About 500,000 bassinets from the Burlington Basket Company sold at Walmart and other mass merchandisers, department stores, and juvenile product stores nationwide and online by various Web retailers, including, from January 2003 through August 2010 for about $50. If the cross-bracing rails are not fully locked into position, the bassinets can collapse, causing the infant to fall to the floor or fall within the bassinet and suffer injuries. The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Burlington Basket Company have received 10 reports of incidents in which the recalled bassinets collapsed when the folding legs were not locked into place. Two infants received minor injuries as a result of these collapses, including a bruise to the head and a bruised shoulder.
IF YOU OWN ONE Stop using it and check the cross-bracing support rails to make sure they are in the locked position. To properly lock the support rails into place, the end tabs must be fully inserted into the holes on the leg assembly and twisted one quarter turn into the locked position. Contact Burlington Basket Company at 800-553-2300 or go to for a free kit with detailed instructions on proper assembly of the cross-bracing support rails and decals with assembly instructions to place on the bassinet.

PERFECT PULLUPS About 7,000 Perfect Pullups from Perfect Fitness, sold at sporting goods stores nationwide, on their websites, and on from January 2008 through present for about $90. The plastic handle can crack, posing a fall injury hazard. Perfect Fitness received approximately 2,200 reports of cracking of the original handles, with 38 complaints of injuries that included bruises, strains, and sprains.
Stop using them and contact Perfect Fitness at 877-974-7733 or go to to order a free handle replacement kit.

SNIGLAR CRIBS About 20,000 Sniglar cribs sold exclusively at IKEA stores nationwide from October 2005 through June 2010 for about $80. The four bolts provided with some cribs to secure the mattress support are not long enough. This can cause the mattress support to detach and collapse, creating a risk of entrapment and suffocation to a child in the crib.
IF YOU OWN ONE Check to see if the mattress support bolts extend through the nut. If so, the bolts are the proper length and the crib is not included in the recall. If the bolt does not extend through the nut, the crib is included in the recall. Contact IKEA at 888-966-4532 or go to for information on a free repair kit for recalled cribs. In the meantime, find an alternate, safe sleep environment for the child, such as a bassinet, play yard, or toddler bed depending on the child's age.

For the latest information on all recalls, go to There you'll find recalls from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, and The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, among others.

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Robin Melen

Robin Melen

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