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By Robin Melen on December 8, 2010 12:01:00 am

Recall-alert-new TEAKETTLES About 59,000 Rachael Ray-brand two-quart teakettles sold at department, housewares and gourmet kitchen stores and at discount and online retailers from December 2008 through October 2010 for between $18 and $40. Water heated in the teakettles can spill and spray while being poured, posing a burn hazard. The firm received eight complaints regarding the spilling of hot water from the teakettle's spout. Four of the complaints included reports of burn injuries.

IF YOU OWN ONE Contact the firm at 877-782-8242 or go to to arrange for a replacement teakettle.

NIGHT LIGHTS About 272,000 Forever-Glo Cylinder Nite Lites sold at hardware stores, lighting showrooms, and home centers nationwide from May 2009 through September 2010 for about $5. An electrical short circuit in the night light can cause it to overheat and smolder or melt which can burn consumers or result in a fire. AmerTac has received nine reports of the recalled night lights smoking, burning, melting and/or charring. No injuries have been reported.

IF YOU OWN ONE Remove from the wall socket and contact the firm at 800-420-7511 or go to or for instructions on receiving a full refund.

CABINET LOCKS About 41,300 First Years American Red Cross cabinet swing locks sold at Toys R Us, Babies R Us and other retail stores nationwide and online from September 2008 through September 2010 for about $4 a pair. The installed latches can break and children could gain access to contents of a cabinet, posing the risk of exposure to hazardous items. The company has received seven reports of latches breaking. No injuries have been reported.

IF YOU OWN ONE Remove the latches from cabinets, record the date code on the back of each latch and contact The First Years to obtain a $5 coupon toward the purchase of another Learning Curve product. Call 866-725-4407 or go to for more information.

ROMAN SHADES AND BLINDS About 6 million Roman shades and about 5 million roll-up blinds Roman shades and roll-up blinds sold at Lowe's stores, other retail stores and at since at least 1999 through June 2010 (Roman shades) and between at least 1999 and January 2005 (roll-up blinds) for between $10 and $1,800. Roman shades: Strangulations can occur when a child places his/her neck between the exposed inner cord and the fabric on the backside of the blind or when a child pulls the cord out and wraps it around his/her neck. Roll-up blinds: Strangulations can occur if the lifting loop slides off the side of the blind and a child's neck becomes entangled on the free-standing loop or if a child places his/her neck between the lifting loop and the roll-up blind material.

IF YOU OWN ONE Contact the Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) for free repair kits at 800-506-4636 or go to For more information, contact Lowe's at 800-445-6937 or go to

DROP-SIDE CRIBS About 90,000 Bassettbaby drop-side cribs with external plastic hardware sold at children's product stores, and other retailers nationwide and online from January 2000 through August 2010 for between about $200 and $500. The cribs' drop-side rail can malfunction, detach or otherwise fail, causing part of the drop side to detach from the crib. When a drop-side rail partially detaches, it creates a space between the drop-side and the crib mattress. An infant or toddler's body can become entrapped in the space, which can lead to strangulation and/or suffocation. A child also can fall out of the crib. Drop-side incidents also can occur due to incorrect assembly and age-related wear and tear. The firm and CPSC are aware of 18 reported incidents in which drop-sides malfunctioned or detached from the crib. No injuries were reported

IF YOU OWN ONE Contact Bassettbaby at 800-308-7485 or go to for a free kit that will immobilize the drop side.

For the latest information on all recalls, go to There you'll find recalls from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, and The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, among others.

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