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By Sue Perry on May 28, 2010 12:01:00 am

If you buy a lot of P&G products—and you just might because they make everything under the sun from Oil of Olay face creams to Iams pooch and kitty food—click on over to check out the beta version of the new P&G store online. You get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

And though this new P&G official e-tailer makes no claims for selling its stuff any cheaper than anywhere else, I figured that with the P&G brands that routinely show up on my shopping list, I might just save a few bucks with that free shipping thrown in, and I was right.

Some for-instances: Dawn detergent (which topped our tests) was $4.99 for 38-oz. size; I usually pay $2.79 for 12-oz. package; Cascade was $7.99 for the 75-oz. box; I usually pay $4.59 for the 45-oz. box. And Iams dog food was $15.99 for the 8-pound bag— a few more pennies than the $15.49 I usually pay, but hey, with the free shipping, I could get all this and some Oil of Olay and still save without having to lug that 8-pound bag home from the store.

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Sue Perry

Sue Perry

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