Haggling for a mattress: The team approach

By Sue Perry on November 17, 2008 03:00:02 pm

When it comes to haggling, I’ve found that two bargainers are gutsier than one. Odds are, with a friend along for moral support, you won’t chicken out trying to negotiate a better price. So when my good pal and haggling teammate, Nancy, recently asked me to go mattress shopping with her, I had a hunch we were going to cop a great deal.

Of course, we each had to play our different roles—she the discerning buyer, me the skeptical friend. And, before we even set foot in the local mattress store, we were well armed with discount coupons clipped from the paper and pricing information from 1-800-MATTRESS in hopes that the salesperson would meet or beat the best prices. But, we didn't mention any of this right away.

We took our sweet time, asking questions, stretching out on a bunch of floor model mattresses, and being very Goldilocks-like in our reactions—too soft, too hard,  nothing just right. After the salesman had invested a chunk of time  with us, Nancy pulled out the coupons, and he said the store would honor it.

Score one! Then, Nancy mentioned the even lower prices she found on 1-800-MATTRESS—and the fact that their delivery charge was $50 less! Bingo!  In the end, the salesman, obviously not wanting to lose a sale, gave my friend the higher-end mattress she had set her sights on—complete with bed frame and delivery—for the same price she would have paid for a lesser mattress at the discount place.So, if you need to buy a new mattress, keep in mind the first price you see or hear isn't necessarily the bottom line. And to make sure you get the very best deal:

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Sue Perry

Sue Perry

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